-Elaine E.

Stephanie was very insightful in understanding the life skills I needed to nurture. She had information sheets to give me guidance in ways to improve my self-confidence with affirmations, and lessons on bringing my attention to my positive attributes. She had a very personable approach and showed compassion and understanding.

-Sylwia S.

Stephanie is highly intuitive person, with a clear purpose to help people (especially women) unveil their true potential.
I felt it from the moment I met her, then later while she helped me realize few blocks on my path.
I’d highly recommend you give Stephani a chance, so you can embrace your life to the fullest!

Danielle K.

I participated in a complimentary 20 min session with Stephanie. I had provided some information to her prior to session so I wouldn’t have to take time giving her the back story. She read every word and I feel like she gave my session some serious pre-thought. She made many suggestions and provided tools that can help me turn this journey into a much more positive one. I felt a true release of negative energy. I am so grateful to have her enter my life!

-Izzy Z.

Stephanie’s meetup is a fantastic group teaching concepts of self-love and about the Divine Feminine and Goddess energies. I absolutely loved the class and discussion. This is a powerful and healing group. Thank you for offering your Goddess Wisdom Stephanie!

-Liz G.

Over the past few years I have been actively reading your posts and message. Somehow, all of this is connecting to me. I have been going through a lot of emotional and spiritual changes over the past few years and I have found much comfort in your posts. I have wanted to reach out to you many times but for some reason I just didn’t know how or what to say. Your raw honesty and openness about your life and your struggles has somehow kept me moving forward. So thank you for being such a positive inspiration to me. Your kindness and caring for others shines from you. You never know how or when you effect people’s lives.