The Story of Milo

Along with my messages and my own thoughts, I am feeling it is time to tell Milo’s story and how he has changed me forever.  I will be posting his journey, more specifically his journey with cancer so that I may share my love for him, his love for me and my love for you allowing me to pass along the information I have learned when you hear those awful and dreaded words…’Your dog has cancer.’  It is my hopes that I will be able to help those dog parents who just don’t know what to do.

This is Milo’s story.

Three months into our newly adopted status, I was beginning to think we had made a grave error in adopting Milo.  I’ve never had the experience of being the guardian for a true hound dog and was in unchartered territory.  This dog was a nut job.  Truly.

Then I had the lightbulb moment.

He was adopted by someone before we adopted him and then returned.  When I called to find out the reason(s) Milo was returned, I was told it was for behavior issues.  Okay, this made sense to me.  Clearly, the person who adopted him was in the same boat I was finding myself in.  But I was different.  I was going to take the time it was needed to help Milo with his behavior and allow Milo to truly shine as the amazing creature he is.  He just needed a chance and I was not going to give up on him as someone else did.

So we took classes with professionals and practiced…a lot!  I trained him on my own as well, teaching him amazing tricks because this one…oh my, THIS one was smart.  Incredibly smart.

His hound-ness embodied his essence and his nose to ground tracking abilities were astonishing to be witness to. For when he got on a scent, he was in heaven doing exactly what he his breed was born to do.  Track and hunt.

There were moments we would look at Milo as he was lounging and note that he belonged on the cover of Fox and Hound Magazine.  He is such a magnificent creature to watch.  His musculature, his stature, his charisma, his humor, his personality, his knowing, his loving will never in a million years be matched by another.

Milo is truly an angel sent to me by God.  It wasn’t until recent events transpired that I really, REALLY understood what this all meant.  With one look of his eyes into mine, I see the depth of a soul so wise and so knowing.  With one look of his eyes into mine, I hear the questions he is asking of me.  With one look of his eyes into mine, I feel his unconditional, pure love for me…just as I have for him.

With one look of his eyes into mine, I am home.