Psychic Empath
Reiki Master
Archangelic Light Master Teacher
Angel Intuitive Healer
Chakra Balancing
AromaTouch Technique
Medium (in training)
Intuitive Women’s Empowerment Coach
Assertiveness Coach
Creator of The Exploration of the Selves

24/7 Goddess
Living the Goddess Life

All sessions are private and confidential
Skype and long distance sessions are available and just as effective

About Me

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I have lived throughout the eastern side of the United States for most of my life from New Jersey and Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina just to name a few. I was never one to stay in one place super long until I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2004. In 2014, it would be a move to Raleigh, North Carolina and my divorce that would ultimately change my life and reroute me to waking up spiritually to begin my journey of remembering who I truly am.

A spark of the Divine.

My purpose is to be a creative, goddess being who inspires, empowers, heals and uplifts others along their journey. A shining light for all to see.

My Story

As a child I remember laying in bed in the early hours of the morning hearing someone call out my name as if they were speaking directly into my ear.  And it scared me because well, no one was there.  It did not matter how many times I cried out for my mom in those instances because it kept occurring.  As I got a little older this slowly started to dissipate, however, a high pitched tone started to ring in my left ear off and on, here and there.  As a kid I thought other life forms were attempting to make contact with me.  Were they?

I found myself intrigued by the zodiac, the sun, the moon, the stars, and all things psychic. I read every single book Sylvia Browne published, watched her each time she was on that one talk show and then I discovered John Edward.  It wasn’t until my move to North Carolina in 2014 and my marriage fell apart, that I discovered me (somewhat) and my spiritual journey truly began.  I became the constant seeker.  I wanted to learn and know everything I could about energy healing, angels, spirit guides, the soul’s journey before incarnating and everything and anything about the metaphysical world. I was like a sponge, absorbing every last drop and then some.

I created my own meetup group called Embrace Yourself with Stephanie and birthed a series called The Exploration of the Selves: Self-love, self-worth, self-forgiveness and self-esteem.  My philosophy is love of self first…then everything else falls into place.  You cannot truly love another until there is true self-love.

As a psychic, empath, healer living in Dominical, Costa Rica I am able to offer you an array of services such as Reiki and Archangelic Light, to Angel Card Readings and Angel Intuitive Healing.

I can also help you in areas of Love and Romance, Career and Life Path, Family, Twin Flame Relationships, Breakups and Divorce and different way to raise your Energetic Frequency.

After a life changing, healing vacation in Dominical, Costa Rica in August 2017, the Universe presented me with a new life should I choose to embrace it. And I did.  I returned home to the United States and made the life changing move in 44 days. Now I live, work and play in Dominical, Costa Rica having amazing experiences and meeting the most awesome souls on the planet. I would not change it for anything.

My passions are dancing, writing, singing, music, animals, being out in nature  and learning to discover my true authentic self.

Stephanie has studied  Doreen Virtue (online), Susan Melchione, MSW, Marcia McCollum Hebrank, MSW, ATP, AI, CACR at the One Light Center, Jeannie Whyte at the Whyte Light Center, and has had personal one-on-one mentoring with Tammy De Mirza – Soul Whisperer, Stephanie Massengale – Intuitive Life Coach and Diane Brandon.

Stephanie is currently developing her mediumship abilities and studying under empath psychic medium, Beth Layne.