Angel Card Readings

Messages from Your Angels


Close your eyes for one moment and really focus in on your heart space. It is here where you can find out what is weighing most on your heart. Did you know the Angelic Realm is ready and waiting for you to ask them to help you but will not do so unless you actually ask?  They will not interfere with your free will.

If you would like intuitive guidance from the Angelic Realm about romance, career, health, finances…just about anything, ask away.


There are two options for angel card readings.  One is an in-depth reading and the other is by the question. Readings can be done in person (if we live in the same vicinity), via chat, email or sms.  It is your choice. The in-depth reading will always be a 3-card spread, however, more cards may be flipped and/or supplemental decks of cards depending upon your situation and what I am being led to do. Typically an in-depth reading can be from 30 to 45 minutes in length.


In-Depth Angel Card Reading

Angel Cards by the Question