A Twist of Fate – My Journey to Dominical, CR

I never thought August 3rd would arrive as my June and July months during the summer of 2017 were quite busy and hectic.  August just seemed so far away, so when it did approach, I was excited and a little nervous as I was not sure what to expect.  And I have not traveled solo in quite some time let alone to another country.

My flights were seamless and I arrived in San Jose, CR on time but quite exhausted.  Upon exiting customs, I was bombarded by taxi drivers wanting to drive me to my destination.  I had already arranged for a shared ride through Monkey Ride  and had a few hours to wait until the other riders arrived for the driven journey.

There were three of us waiting for the ride and as we were picked up and deposited into the shuttle, we all got to know each other along the drive.  One guy (name escapes me), who lived in NV, but who’s family is from Nicaragua told us of his venture to get the Costa Rica to meet up with his friends for a bachelor party weekend in Jaco. The other passenger, Sarah, originally from Philadelphia (of course!) was on her way to meet up with a friend of hers for a two week exploration of the southern zone area of the south pacific coast of Costa Rica.  We had a great time chatting about why we were there and what we were each hoping to get out of our stay.

Our driver was great, as was his navigator, Nego, whom I learned later on during our drive, owns Pineapple Kayak Tours right in Dominical.  He offered me a lot of great information and pointed out some interesting ‘things’ to us along our drive.

I finally arrived in Dominical and was deposited at Danyasa only to be greeted by their lovely Guest Liaison, Andrea.   Andrea and I talked for a bit and then I was taken on a tour, shown lodging and that was that.

After a walk and dinner at a Dominical Sushi, I came back to my room and began to unpack.  Still in awe that I was actually in Costa Rica, I all of a sudden thought I heard the sounds of Trevor Hall being played. I paused and listened.  Yes, it was Trevor Hall.  And his music was being played in the yoga studio and I was happy.  If you know me, you know how much I love Trevor Hall.

It was at that moment I knew I had found my tribe.

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