A Twist of Fate – My Journey to Dominical, Costa Rica

In late May I felt the urge to look into taking a short, healing holiday for myself.  I had no idea where, so I typed into google, surfing and yoga retreats, Costa Rica.  The very first place to appear on my screen was a place called Danyasa Eco-Retreat – Retreats, Yoga, Surf and Adventure in Dominical, Costa Rica.  They offered exactly what it was that I was seeking.  I reached out to them for a price quote for lodging, 2 yoga classes and 2 surfing lessons and when I heard back, the price was quite right.

I instantly began searching for flights and found a pretty good rate to get myself to Dominical.  I wanted to book this right away but there was a glitch.  Back in March 2017, I went with a feeling that I was going to be traveling and had to renew my passport. We all know how long these endeavors can take and I still did not have my passport back yet from being renewed.

A few days went by and I found even cheaper airfare which excited me and propelled me forward with urgency to want to book this trip.  It was a Thursday and I said to the Universe, ‘If my passport is in my mailbox, I will take it as a sign and I will book this trip now’.

I walked to my mailbox at 9:30 pm, unlocked it with my key and sitting there alone was a small envelope holding my renewed passport.  My eyes grew wide, chills overcame my body, and I knew the Universe was telling me something.  I immediately went back into my apartment, walked to my computer and booked what would become a life changing experience. Was I nervous?  Yes.  Was I brave?  Yes.  I knew I was to be going to Dominical, but I did not know the reasoning just yet.

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