Embrace Yourself

It’s time to heal, time to reconnect, time to embrace you… As a psychic, empath, healer living in Dominical, Costa Rica, I am able to offer you an array of healing such as Reiki and Archangelic Light, to Angel Card Readings and Angel Intuitive Healing. I can also help you in areas of Love and Romance, Career and Life Path, Family, Twin Flame Relationships, Breakups and Divorce and different ways to raise your energetic frequency.

The majority of my services can be done via chat, skype or email.

It’s time to take back and stand in your power:

As an (intuitive) empowerment and assertiveness coach, I can help you dig deep to find the root issues that may be holding you back.  Together we will work on realizing the old behaviors and patterns that are no longer serving you, how to release them and bring what you truly desire into your life so you can finally begin to embrace you.

I can teach you how to be assertive in a kind, caring and loving way so you’re able to express exactly how you feel without feeling bad and without feeling as if you’re disappointing someone.

It’s time to feel emotionally balanced:

As an energy healer, I can help you get to deeper levels of relaxation while helping to balance and align your energy centers (chakras).  If you’re experiencing physical pain, energy healing can assist with lessening the pain you’re experiencing but will also go to the root cause of the issue (emotional).  I firmly believe that any physical pain is directly tied to old emotions that have yet to be released.

It’s time to get in touch with your angels:

As an angel intuitive healer, I can help you with questions or concerns that you have sitting on your heart by working with the Archangels and Angels of different Realms. Together we will talk about your concerns, work with Angel Oracle cards and other gentle types of healing.  This can be an amazing, healing experience.

It’s time to simply relax:

As an aromatouch technique practitioner, I work with 8 specific essential oils blending and overlapping them so you’re able to get the maximum healing and relaxing benefits. The oils are blended on your back and feet for an overall aromatic experience.